像素画绘制工具 Pixelorama v0.10 中文免费版


Pixelorama 是免费和开源 2D sprite 编辑器,使用 Godot Engine GDScript 开发,非常适合像素艺术。Pixelorama 目前正在继续开发此软件,因此它缺少某些功能,可能存在一些错误并且需要更好的 UI。



-在 6 种工具之间进行选择-铅笔,橡皮,填充桶,变亮/变暗,颜色选择器和矩形选择-并将它们分别映射到鼠标左键和右键。
-你是动画师吗?然后您来对地方了! Pixelorama 拥有适合自己的动画时间表和“洋葱皮”!
-Pixelorama 具有多层系统!您可以添加,删除,上下移动,克隆和合并任意多个图层!您还可以重命名它们,并更改其不透明度!
-导入图像并在 Pixelorama 中进行编辑。如果导入多个文件,它们将作为单独的动画帧添加。还支持导入 Spritesheets。
-将您的精美艺术品导出为“ PNG”文件。也可以将项目导出为 Spritesheets。
-以 Pixelorama 的自定义文件格式“ .pxo”保存并打开您的项目。
-通过按 Shift 键,为铅笔,橡皮和浅色/深色工具创建直线。如果还按Control键,则可以以15的步长限制角度。
-您可以使用鼠标滚轮进行放大和缩小,然后单击鼠标或按“ Space”键进行平移!
– 键盘快捷键!我们非常确定这对于大多数人来说都是救命稻草。


[v0.10] - 2022-04-15


  • A new Window menu has been added that has the new UI system options, as well as Zen mode and Fullscreen mode that were previously under the View menu.
  • A similarity option has been added to the "same color pixels" mode of the bucket tool. #649
  • Added an experimental Extensions system that will let the users make their own extensions that add new functionality to Pixelorama. Keep in mind that this is still experimental and backwards compatibility is NOT guaranteed - use at your own risk.
  • A grayscale mode for the canvas has been added to the View menu. #646
  • Bulk importing images has been made easier by adding an "Apply to all" checkbox that uses the same import options for all images that are to be imported. #624
  • Extra cursor options have been added to the Preferences that let the user use the native mouse cursors of the OS and toggle the cross cursor on or off for the canvas, and the "Indicators" tab has been renamed to "Cursors".
  • Frame duration now appears as a hint tooltip of the frame buttons.
  • Added Portuguese translation.


  • The UI system has changed completely. Users can re-arrange all of the panels and place them wherever they want, resize them or hide them from view. It is also possible to save and load custom UI layouts. #640
  • The secondary canvas is hidden from view by default, but it can become visible by going to the Window > Panels.
  • The mirroring and pixel perfect options are now global tool options and affect both left and right tools.
  • Various timeline improvements, like deleting and cloning multiple selected frames and when creating new frames, tags that are in front of them are being pushed. If the currently selected frames are inside a tag, creating new frames makes the tag bigger. #648
  • The custom mouse cursor now scales with the UI. #642
  • Importing an image will replace the previous project, if that project is empty.
  • Clicking on a layer toggle button (lock, visible & cel linking) now selects that layer.
  • Resize Canvas will always display the current size of the project.
  • Imported images can now be immediately exported, and for imported png images "Overwrite" is being displayed instead of "Export", until the user uses "Export as...".
  • The toolbar and the animation timeline now have a scrollbar.
  • Cut no longer works in invisible/locked layers.
  • You can now move guides with the pan tool. #647
  • "Flip" has been renamed to "Mirror Image".
  • The documentation keyboard shortcut has been changed from F12 to F1.


  • Drawing with big brush sizes has been optimized. #657 - which was based on #554
  • The "same color pixels" mode of the bucket tool has become a lot faster because it now uses a shader. #649 - which was based on #613
  • Fixed crash when importing non-palette .tres files.
  • Deferred mode for the color pickers of gradients has been enabled, so that the gradient preview color only changes on mouse release. Addressed a part of #645.
  • "From Current Palette" preset option is now disabled when creating a new palette, if there is no current palette, which fixes #659
  • Aspect ratio in scale image no longer sets width and height to have the same value, but it works as expected like it does in the create new image dialog.
  • macOS shortcuts have been fixed, only Command is needed again instead of Command + Control.
  • Fixed a bug where the selection got stuck to the canvas boundaries when they were 1px away from them.
  • The export status of a project no longer resets when saving it as a pxo.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the splash screen never appears and the program is unresponsive.
  • Canvas texture updating has been slightly optimized. #661


  • The Panel Layout menu option with Widescreen and Tallscreen panel layouts have been removed in favor of the new UI system.


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